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Estate Planning is about Protecting and Providing for the People that you Love.

Above all else, Estate Planning serves the dual purpose of protecting and providing for the people that you love.  Whomever you spent your life caring for, praying for, giving to, encouraging, loving – whether it’s your children, spouse, grandchildren, friends, the poor, the sick, the spiritually broken – Estate Planning gives you the chance to ensure that the work you started while you were alive continues after you have passed away.

Estate Planning protects your right to make important decisions.

Proper Estate Planning allows you to determine who gets your assets,  who makes important business and health decisions for you while you are still alive, what directives regarding your medical care that your health care providers follow,  who administers  your estate after you are gone,  when assets are distributed to your loved ones, what causes you can bless after you have passed away,  what funeral arrangements  are to be made, and who cares for your minor children or incapacitated loved ones after you pass away.

Estate Planning protects your assets.

Proper Estate Planning will limit your exposure to unnecessary taxation; help protect your assets from being consumed by the high costs of long-term care; and can protect your assets from lawsuits or other legal actions.

Estate Planning provides for your minor children.

Proper Estate Planning allows you to make important decisions concerning your minor children, including recommending a guardian, establishing a trust to ensure that your assets and insurance proceeds provide for their education and future, and place people that you trust in overseer capacities to watch over them.

Estate Planning provides for your elderly and incapacitated loved ones.

Proper Estate Planning can help stretch an elderly or incapacitated person’s savings to cover long term care by assisting them in qualifying for government programs; and, in some instances, can help protect a portion of their assets from being counted against them by government programs.

Estate Planning provides for the causes about which you care.

Proper Estate Planning allows you to give a portion of your assets to further the causes that you have spent your life supporting.   Irrevocable trusts, Charitable remainder trusts, education trusts, and private foundations can all be used to minimize taxation on your estate while providing much needed support to the churches, schools, ministries, charities and causes that you passionately support.

Estate Planning protects your family from needless fighting.

Without Proper Estate Planning, the loss of a loved one all too often causes a family to fracture.  The primary causes of these fractures are (1) a lack of specific instructions, (2) a lack of explanation for decisions, and (3) unfairness that results from a lack of planning during your lifetime.    Fortunately, these are all preventable problems.   Keeping families together after a loved one dies is a critical, often overlooked purpose, of Estate Planning.

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