Tax Smart Second Opinions

In order to look forward to the future of a client’s potential tax obligations and savings, a tax what-if must be completed. We will take a copy our clients last year’s tax return and complete an alternative version of the return. Second Opinions show the alteration of things such as how or when clients withdraw money from IRAs, start drawing social security, take their dividends, buy and sell investments, buy or sell a house and so much more. The goal is to show the client the difference of the tax burden they were responsible for last year, and how alternative planning could have potentially saved them tax money.

Management Resources

Once an opportunity has been identified, PTC will ensure that the right person is working on your account. We have aligned ourselves with talented tax professionals, with prior Big 4 experience, who are CPAs and Attorneys. With this network of tax professionals, we can offer the high quality customer service that our cleints have come to expect at a reasonable fee.

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